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Nutritional Foundations....and how they support proper function and overall health in the body.

Let’s talk about foundations. The Dictionary defines “foundation” as 1. the lowest load-bearing part of a building, typically below ground level, and 2. an underlying basis or principle. This sounds pretty important to whatever the next step or what’s being built on top of it. So, when it comes to supporting proper function and overall health in our own bodies, knowing the foundations is imperative. I will briefly walk you through these foundations and how they support a proper foundation and overall health.

Food is a constant in each of our lives. If we aren’t consuming it currently, we are talking about it, hearing about it and more than anything, thinking about it. It is the very foundation of life. We must consume to live. But in addition to this it holds a very emotional place in each of our lives. A properly prepared, nutrient dense diet can take us from surviving to thriving. Re-connecting to our food in a healthy way can make all the difference.

If you’ve ever experienced digestion dysfunction, and most of us have at one point, you know how important digestive function is to our daily lives. The ability for our bodies to properly digest and absorb the nutrients in food starts in the brain. Taking the time to enjoy our food free from distractions and including others in the process is a great place to start. This will give us the ability to rest and digest our food properly.

Regulating blood sugar is important to all aspects of our body’s functions. When blood sugar is not regulated it can effect the integrity of every organ and blood vessel and we ultimately feel it in our energy production and levels. When balanced, our bodies can function optimally and our cells have the energy to produce healthy cells, tissue and organs.

“Fat” has become such a bad word. “Low fat” products are dominating the grocery store aisles. Contrary to what some experts may say, healthy fats, or fatty acids, are imperative for optimal health. Healthy fats and oils provide energy for our cells, protect our organs, increase satiety, tastes good and helps us to absorb certain essential vitamins and nutrients.

Our bodies are made up of about four percent minerals. We don’t produce minerals so we must consume them. Mineral balance regulates tissue growth, provides structural and functional support, helps contract and relax muscles, maintains proper nerve conduction, acts as cofactors for enzyme reactions and helps to transfer nutrients through cell membranes.

And last, but definitely not least, is hydration. Despite the importance to our thriving, most Americans are living in a state of dehydration. Water plays many roles in our body including flushing toxins, enabling the digestive process, cushioning bones and joints and improves oxygen delivery to cells.

The foundations of a properly prepared, nutrient dense diet; digestion; blood sugar regulation; fatty acids; mineral balance and hydration are the building blocks of living in optimal health. One or all of these ideas may have resonated with you. If you would like to discuss these further and work on a plan to implement each of these in your daily life, I would love the chance to work with you.

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